(60 minutes)

An evaluation starts with a comprehensive assessment of injuries and/or pain, and a discussion about personal goals for physical therapy. It includes prescription of a home exercise program so patients can continue working towards goal(s) outside of physical therapy.


PT Treatment Session

(45 minutes)

In addition to a review of the prescribed home exercise program, treatment sessions include both manual therapy and therapeutic exercises. Depending on patient needs, treatment sessions can also incorporate other techniques, including cupping, gua sha and Functional Manual Reaction.

  • Manual therapy includes soft or deep tissue massage, joint mobilization and other hands-on techniques that help improve pain.
  • Therapeutic exercises involve dynamic stretching to warm up the muscles, and other exercises intended to mimic activities of daily living, sports or other activities the patient wishes to return to. Exercises are typically performed in all 3 planes of motion to stress the muscles and joints in all possible directions.


Manual Therapy Session

(30 minutes)

For patients who prefer to focus directly on manual therapy, where the therapist uses hands-on techniques to improve pain.


Injury Screen

(15 minutes)

During a free injury screen, the therapist will perform a comprehensive, whole body assessment of the patient and the injured region. The therapist may prescribe home exercises, refer the patient to a physician or refer the patient for further physical therapy.