Testimonials from Patients

"For anyone considering Physical Therapy, I can't recommend Ali Litvak enough.

I have seen 5 physical therapists for a knee injury & Ali stands out way above the rest.  I'm so happy with her that I followed her to her own practice, when she left a group I was going to.  I now pay out of pocket withno insurance coverage.  But she is totally worth it!

Ali is sensitive, caring & extremely knowledgeable.  She listens to every little complaint & adjusts my treatment plan based on my pain level.  When I'm finally healed, I plan on seeing Ali as a "super duper" personal trainer because she knows so much about anatomy.

Do yourself a favor & give her a try for one session.  You won't regret it."


"Prior to seeing Ali, I had patellar maltracking issues with my knee for over a year. I'm only 28 years old, and the discomfort, tightness & pain was so frustrating to deal with, I thought I would never be able to run or workout like I used to ever again.

I spent 6 weeks, twice a week with Ali and she opened my eyes to so much about my exercising routines & habits. Not only were my workouts great, but the knowledge I gained about proper stretching and workout habits is invaluable. I now feel confident enough moving forward without physical therapy and I'm on my way to a full recovery.

Thanks Ali, you're amazing!!"


"Ali did a great job with my shoulder.  Because of surfing and tennis I've always had issues.  She also gave me a great list of home exercises to help reduce pain and fatigue.  Her approach is also non traditional in that she focuses on whole body versus just one joint."


"Unbelievable... incredible...awesome... can't seem to find the perfect word for Ali. I had the unfortunate experience of tearing three glute/hip tendons which I was told were inoperable (by more that one orthopedist). I had almost no abductor function or strength in that leg. After working with Ali for several months and following her recommendations and guidance for "homework" I am now able to walk more normally and stand on only the affected leg allowing me to dress normally. I was delighted to find, in her new solo practice, that she is able to devote herself completely to my appointment, without having to passing me off to an intern or assistant. Ali has also networked on my behalf for additional therapies/modalities which may benefit my condition. I highly recommend San Diego Physical Therapy!!!"